Paint Supplies, Types & Uses

When you're ready to paint your home you'll be surprised at how many different types of paint supplies you'll come across. This is because different types of paint stand up better under various conditions. Understanding this requires looking at the two main categories paint falls under -- industrial and decorative paints.

Extra information about paint supplies

Types of Paint for Industrial Use

Painters define industrial paint as any paint that's primarily used for its protective properties. In other words, aesthetics don't figure much into your choice of this paint. A good example of this is exterior paint.

Exterior paint is usually acrylic based. They're water-soluble paints that become water-resistant when they dry. This is nice because you can apply a really thick coat of this paint to the exterior of your building. Once it dries it will withstand almost anything mother nature throws its way.

Types of Paint for Decorative Use

On the other end of the spectrum, you have decorative paint. Interior paint is a good example of this. It's used for beautifying the walls you look at while you're at home or at work.

You don't want to use acrylic paint here. This is because you don't want too thick of a coat of paint on these walls. Instead, you want to look for a paint that's distinctively marked "interior paint." It goes on easy and with a little patience is something anyone can use.

What Paint Supplies You'll Need

Besides your patience and a brush, you don't need many supplies. When painting the exterior of a building you may need a ladder. Once inside, you'll want some drop cloths for covering the floors so you don't accidentally paint them too.

While knowing what supplies you need before going to the store is important, you must also know what colour of paint you want. The best way of choosing a good paint colour isn't simply by your preferences. You'll also want to use a colour wheel to help you make sure the paint colours actually go well together. What you think looks good together may actually be quite unappealing once it's on the walls of your home.

Knowing more about paint supplies makes it easier for you to decide what type of paint you need. This is important because you want your hard work to last for many years to come. So, before heading to the paint store make sure you do some due diligence first.